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An Artist in Toronto's Leslieville Area Since 1983. Quilting since 1972.

Enjoy Your Tea Time

I love the incredible range of colours that cotton fabrics come in these days. I've collected quite a few prints in every imaginable colour for quilting - a necessary measure, any quilter will assure you. But still, some days it's nice to just keep things simple and go colour coordinated - stick with yellow's, gravitate to earthy green's or keep with the blues. You get the idea.

By total fluke, I managed to go all monochromatic with this weekend's crossword! Somehow a blue pen manifested a blue tea cup and saucer, checkered blue table cloth and yes... a blue-hued tea cosy! Find your colour tea cosy here.

Toronto Baby Quilts

100% Made by Valerie, in Toronto. Perfect little baby quilts for that little bundle of joy, poop and giggles. There are a few more to choose from, here.

French Baby Quilt

Details: Measures 41" x 41" / Toronto 2012 / Cotton. Colour combination - French yellow and salmon fabrics from Paris, plaid and floral prints.

Price: $180

Q. Looking for a Custom Baby Quilt as a Gift?
- We Make Them.

Looking for personalized gift for a new baby that really stands out?
How about a one of a kind, bespoke baby quilt for under $200? Contact Valerie today to get your baby quilt gift started. Valerie will discuss colour choices with you, then sew the baby quilt and embroider the child's first name in one corner. Lead time is about four days, but if you're in a hurry we might be able to help out.

Feel The Warmth Under a Tea Cosy

Freshly quilted, English-style Tea Cosies that ensure your best tea remains hot. PageQuilts Tea Cosies are $55 each.

All cosies are hand made in the Leslieville area of Toronto, not too far from Lady Marmalade. Cotton fabrics, synthetic & mylar layers of insulation, various sizes to accommodate little betty's to big brown tea pots. Machine washable.

1) Pick your tea cosy colour of choice - here.
2) Contact Valerie to purchase it.
3) Learn how PageQuilts Tea Cosies are tested to keep your tea hot.

Organic Cotton Baby Quilt

This quilt is made entirely with Certified Organic Cotton fabric.

Organic Cotton Baby Quilt in Browns

Details: Measures 35" x 42" / Toronto 2012 / Certified Organic Cotton. Colour combination - pale green and blue, bird and abstract prints.

Price: $150

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