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Tested to Keep Tea Hot

Not only are they trendy and colourful, a PageQuilts tea cosy keeps a fresh pot of your best tea hot for at least 3 hours! Enjoy your tea with friends this winter, at your own pace.

Hot tea is the best tea, so we tested the special insulation used in each PageQuilts cosy before anything else. Using an Omega HH501DK Type-K digital thermometer and an epoxy-encapsulated thermocouple temperature sensor located at the center of a standard porcelain tea pot, boiling water was poured in right from the kettle to within an inch of the fill line.

In the first test the tea pot was left uncovered, and not surprisingly the water rapidly cooled off. In the next test under identical parameters, the tea pot was wrapped in a PageQuilts tea cosy. After three hours time under the cosy, water temperature was a nice hot 50C (still hot enough for steam to rise from the tea cup).

So there you have it, a bare tea pot quickly looses heat while a PageQuilts tea cosy will keep your best tea steaming hot for three hours! If you cherish the high quality tea you drink, you need a tea cosy - we just hope you'll make it a PageQuilts Tea Cosy.

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